DiCarlo DiClassified Launched TODAY: New Product and Workshop Series From Vin DiCarlo

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Vin DiCarlo’s new company, DiCarlo DiClassified, launched its website today. I highly recommend Vin’s blog and products, and I encourage you all to check them out.

For those of you who don’t know Vin, he’s one of the pioneers of Natural Game and the author of posts like The Transition to Natural Game and The Compliance and Value Model. He was also a a mentor to me personally — thanks to his coaching and a lot of hard work, I went from barely being able to get phone numbers to having three girlfriends in about three months.

Bottom line, Vin’s stuff gets results. I remember back when I was just starting to learn Natural Game, one of my biggest inspirations was seeing him with his girls. Every time I saw him, he was with a different hot girl. And, they would do him favors and buy him things just to spend time with him. This blew my mind at the time and totally changed my reality. I thought, if this guy can have five girlfriends and have them all buying them things, I can at least get a couple girls for myself!

His students get results too: the difference in my life from before I met Vin to now is enormous. One of my friends who is also a student of his went through an even bigger change: he went from being a virgin to having an impressive rotation of girls himself.

If you’re new to pickup and you’re looking for a solid, well-rounded guide to attracting women and keeping them as loyal girlfriends, check out Vin’s newest product, Dating Diablo. It’s an audio product where Vin will guide you through all the steps of a pickup, from opening to physically escalating to sex. It will any uncertainty about what to do to attract a woman that you may have right now, and give you a good foundation in all areas of seduction and dating.

Plus, I’ve got Vin to agree to give readers of this blog an exclusive deal: use coupon code SEXGOD when you’re buying Dating Diablo to receive $10 off the purchase price. With the coupon, the price is only $20 — not bad for 90 minutes of audio from someone whose teachings can change your life. The coupon is good for the first 50 buyers.

Check out Vin’s website here:

DiCarlo DiClassified

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  1. "soundwave" says:


    What happened with Vincent and theApproach.. he’s no longer affiliated?

    Same goes for you?

  2. Right. Vin’s moved on to concentrate on DiCarlo DiClassified, which will be mainly about pickup drills and hands-on training rather than seminar, and various DVD, audio, and ebook products. I’m concentrating on sex rather than pickup, which is my area of greatest strength and where I can provide the most value.


  3. "soundwave" says:

    For some reason I feel that theApproach’s talent has dropped by 67% :(

    Best to you and Vin for your endeavours. Yours, Vin and Seb’s writings have influenced me greatly to become a socially savvy/intelligent and well-rounded person.

    Thanks, I appreciate everything that you guys put out as a team for theApproach. I’m going still going to follow all of your stuff closely.

  4. Chairman says:

    I also agree — I think there’s very little real talent left at The Approach. Other than Sebastian, I can’t think of any instructors that they have left that are worthwhile now that Spirit Fingers and Vin are gone.

    On the plus side though, Vin’s new site looks great! When is he going to start teaching workshops? I’d definitely be interested in signing up.

    And while it’s too bad that you don’t teach pickup anymore, I think that it’s good that you’re concentrating on your sex stuff. While I love your pickup stuff, your sex stuff is way better and absolutely blows my mind. Keep coming out with great sex products, and maybe I’ll forgive you for leaving The Approach ;)


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